Get automated data-driven decisions for your fintech business in real-time
With Sapphire Intelligence software, companies that work with huge flows of customer data can automatically process & analyze it online in a matter of seconds, enabling them to make risk-free business decisions based on indication and scoring of relations between data points.
Customer data intelligence to prevent fraud in financial industries
Sapphire EYE collects and merges users' data from different sources to build a single client's card to compare it with other clients' digital footprints, identify fraudulent patterns and deliver live proactive risk prevention.
Banks and other financial institutions
Assets monitoring & management
Tax collection services
Financial Flows monitoring in banks
Crypto trading & exchange analysis
Transaction hedging
Solutions to enhance how you 
track & analyze users data
Sapphire’s sophisticated solution analyzes gigabytes of data in a matter of seconds, indicating any relations between data units objects and build visualized models with graphs in real time.
Data consolidation & structuring
of unlimited volumes of data from any database and other external multi-format data sources without reference to the central key identifier.
A single client’s card with scoring
based on consolidated data about the person, his family ties, work, home location, and any other information, relevant to your decision-making.
Auto-linking data relations
in real-time between various objects: clients, companies, projects, groups of people, accounts, assets, real estate, beneficiaries, employees, etc.
Instant relations search
with detailed analysis of person’s transactions related to the person, explicit and implicit relations of the person.
Detected fraud notifications
reporting suspicious actions, contacts, persons, or fake personal data, based on auto-analysis of clients' links with explicit and non-obvious relations
Real-time object tracking
by analyzing: crossing routes and stops on geodata; connection of financial transactions, calls, or other contacts;
Asset monitoring
• Ultimate Beneficial & related companies search.
• Financial activity of associated persons (long ties).
• Acquire asset transfer and security alert.
Tax issues analysis
• Analysis of cash flows and tax returns. 

• Early notification of tax fraud companies.

• Early detection of suspicious or risky operations.
What Our Clients Say
Money24 | Fintech
Anticorrupt | E-gov is a Ukrainian startup company that provides fast online micro-loans to people without access to banking loans. At some point, increasing fraud activity became a massive problem for the company, and it became harder to keep a reasonable price. Here is where Sapphire stepped in. We integrated our sophisticated solution to unify, clean, and analyze the flow of users' data collected from different sources. Sapphire automatically reviewed, rated, approved, or disapproved the loan-applications in less than 5 minutes, identifying related borrowers who acted suspiciously or took efforts to hide their own identity or use a stolen one.
"Sapphire, early fraud detection system, has successfully identified over 12 000 fraudulent or suspicious transactions in 10 months of 2020.
Saved us tens of millions!"
All-in-one data analysis and tracking solution
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Multi-stream data consolidation & structuring
Automated linking & tracking of related data
Know Your Customer in a single data card
Fast real-time scoring with fraud signal prevention
Tracking of client's changes in data or assets
Sapphire Intelligence benefits:
What is Sapphire?
“SAPPHIRE” is a software engine with a set of services that collect, normalize, structure, and store information from different datasets, formats, and languages into a single modern and ultra-fast database that operates based on the mathematical theory of approximate connections.
At the heart of the project is the already-developed SAPPHIRE kernel, which is a symbiosis of the latest IT technologies designed to handle gigabytes of incoming live data flow identifying any relations between the new data and existing objects across the Big Date databases with an unbelievable depth of the identification of the connection.
Do we need to transfer data physically/virtually to Sapphire servers?
Sapphire system works in two ways :
1. Crypted private API connections to our servers
2. Special NDA module – black software box, deployed on your server
How do you protect client’s data?
Our work in this practice area includes:
• Corporate NDA agreement
• Special SSL connections with private access keys
• Safety encrypted sessions
• Paralyzing of virtual clients rooms
•Queues workflow
What about Pricing?
- Info Analytics: Subscription-based on servers capacities and memory requirements
- Info Analytics: One-time operational loading and info searches
- Individual packages (discuss during demo call).
Coulnd’t find asnwer?
Data-analytics solutions tailored to your needs
SAPPHIRE products are designed around two core goals: deliver effective risk prevention, and give businesses complete freedom in how they fight fraud. Integrate fraud prevention into your platform as individual modules for multi-layered security or as a whole end-to-end system. Leverage real-time data enrichment, digital footprint analysis and a Machine Learning engine to flag fraudsters, reduce user friction, and control risk thresholds to grow your business safely.
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SAPPHIRE products deliver effective risk prevention, and give businesses complete freedom in how they fight fraud.
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